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2016 Helios Apollo Awards

Applications Accepted December 1st - February 1st 

About the Helios Apollo Awards

Helios founded the Apollo Awards 10 years ago to recognize organizations in the Greater Washington area that demonstrate exceptional talent development programs. The honorees of Apollo are building cultures of intention. They have created an environment where people bring enthusiasm and commitment to their work every day, which impacts the community and benefits us all. By sharing their stories, the honorees inspire our colleagues in Washington to achieve even more. To focus on what more they can do to develop and engage their teams and serve the community in which we all work and live. 

Eligibility Requirements

Organizations must have a location in the Washington, DC metropolitan area to be eligible for the Helios Apollo Awards. All industries and sectors (including, but not limited to nonprofit, commercial, government contracting, and government agencies) may apply. The awards are also open to organizations of all sizes – from less than 10 to more than 50,000 employees.

New & Improved Application

In honor of our anniversary, we are pleased to announce that the Apollo Awards application has been revamped! Applicants will have the option to submit a narrative for at least one of the following talent development programs:

1) Assimilation and Onboarding: What makes your approach to the employee onboarding and assimilation process distinctive? Tell us about the impact it has made on your organization’s ability to retain and engage exceptional talent.

2) Employment Brand: How would you define your employment brand and what strategic steps have you taken to ensure its success?

3) Community Outreach: Please describe how your organization supports Corporate Service Responsibility and how this has built stronger leadership skills, engagement, and alignment with your organization’s mission.

4) Mentorship/Coaching: Please describe your most robust mentorship and or/coaching program. Indicate how it is structured, administered and the impact it has had on its participants.

5) Innovative Technology: How has technology played a role in your delivery of talent development?

6) Leadership Development: How are you continuously developing your leaders? 

7) Culture: Tell us how you build a Culture of Intention, a culture that attracts, retains and engages really exceptional people.

8) Communication: What creative ways does your organization communicate your talent development offerings?

9) Recognition: How does your organization recognize your team members and for what reasons?

10) Career Development: How are you developing your employees throughout their careers?

Final applications are required to be submitted online by Monday, February 1, 2016 11:59 PM. 

*Please note: you are able to save and come back to your application as often as you like. Collaboration amongst your team is encouraged when filling out the application, however please be sure to use one login as we cannot merge applications together.

Finalist and Award Winner Selection

All applications are sent to a panel of judges for recipient selection. The judges are former Apollo Award winners and business leaders independent of Helios HR. All applicants will be notified in early March of the  judge's selection and feedback will be made available to those organizations not selected. 


Please email apolloawards@helioshr.com  or call 703-860-3882 X102 or X143 with any questions!

Best of luck!!